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The SkyRockets was a 1956 group of young men which participated in an amateur musical show in Heliopolis, a Cairo suburb. Only one of them (Michael Bishara) had live band experience. With time on their hands, Oscar Cressaty (the show's ballet star), Asaad Kelada (the Show's singing sensation) and Bishara (the show's rehearsal accompanist) copied/imitated a record of a new music called rock and roll and were asked to play for the Heliopolis Sporting Club New Year's Eve dance.

With only 12 songs under their belt they introduced Egypt to rock & roll and earned unexpected stardom. Their efforts were complemented by an energetic business manager, Samir Raouf. A close childhood friend of Michael Bishara (the Skyrockets' leader), Raouf's vision, energy and remarkable business skill helped propel the band to national recognition. The band performed at Cairo's finest night clubs, including the Heliopolis Palace Hotel, the popular Auberge des Pyramides and the new (at the time) Nile Hilton. Their greatest fame, however was at a new night club on the Nile. The Casino Shagara (distinguished by a tree growing in the middle of the hall, hence the name Shagara') became a popular Cairo venue offering dinner, a floor show and dancing. In addition, the band provided dance music at many weddings, and receptions.